I am a painter and printmaker based in Somerset studying a Masters in Fine Art at Aberystwyth School of Art.  I graduated from Bath Spa University; BA (hons) Creative Arts, 2014. My work; instinctive, free, gestural, semi-abstract, figurative and  partly from my sub-conscious, from what I see around me, the external environment and my internal environment. My work is very connected to the spirit of nature, the stars, trees, sea, sun and sky.

Currently exploring line, surface/depth therefore I have been inscribing digging in and out of board and etching amongst current preferred techniques.

I have produced a series of semi-abstract landscapes painted from Purton Wrecks in Gloucester.

The deeply furrowed landscape at Purton is spattered with wrecked barges and boats. It is here that you can see nature reclaiming mans work; mosses, fungi and grasses grow over rotting timber and rusting steel. It is not a usual thing to see – an industrial grave-yard. From the actual experience and photographs of the site I transferred the physical aspects of the Purton Wrecks on to canvas. The resulting pieces are very much ‘manual’; inscribing, cutting, gouging, scraping into my boards. I hope to capture the energy, power and the beauty of neglect and decay that we would otherwise overlook.