I am a Painter and Printmaker that resides in rural Somerset, UK, with early childhood memories of making potato prints with my mother, sisters and brother, this is where I found a love for the expression that making art provides.  After my first steps in to education began at a Convent School, I furthered my creative aptitude by graduating with a Bachelor degree in Creative Arts at Bath Spa University.  I began my Masters degree in Fine Art, specialising in Printmaking at Aberystwyth University in 2019.

It was during this transient time that my work began to reflect and become inspired by the changing and varied landscapes that I travelled through, resulting in works spanning the British, Welsh and Canadian landscapes.

For me, being an artist is a never-ending journey communicating with ones own rhythms, and channelling these feelings onto paper. My work can be described as instinctive, free, gestural, semi-abstract, and figurative. I have chosen monoprinting as my preferred technique, as it captures my painterly lines and mark making, in a very immediate and spontaneous way, allowing me to work freely and intuitively.

Like all good images, my prints have a lyrical narrative which descends from the Romantic school – everything stems from nature. This I share with fellow kindreds – Walt Whitman, Mary Oliver, W.B. Yeats, Alfred Tennyson and Joni Mitchell.